Portable Travel Urinal Car Toilet


Very compact, cute looking and portable.Tested and approved by Wimom. Perfect for boys at any time you need. It expands and can be used several times if you have no option to clean it. It is very light. The best part is that it fits all cup holders in your car, stroller, backpack side pockets. The cover closes very tight so there are no leaks. 

It comes with several covers to appeal to your child. Now available: bear,frog and duck. My son loves the duck) Allow some time for it to arrive. It comes from China. It is better to take 2 of them at once: one for your car and one for walks. It is worth the investment. By far the best thing ever to make your walks with kids pleasant. Especially if you have more then one baby.

Smooth edges, will not hurt your baby's skin. 

Perfect during potty training too.

Size:15*7cm, the max capacity:400ml


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Kids & Parents Voices

Valentina, 35 yo

Love to read with my baby. Thank you Wimom for the tips.

Anna, 3 yo

It was great to swim with my mom and play with her. I will remember it.

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